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538 https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/congress-generic-ballot-polls/
alphalang {rnd:,,hue,h,u,e}{rnd:,,hue,h,u,e}{rnd:,,hue,h,u,e} {rnd:,,hue,h,u,e}{rnd:,,hue,h,u,e}{rnd:,,hue,h,u,e} {rnd:,,hue,h,u,e}{rnd:,,hue,h,u,e}{rnd:,,hue,h,u,e}{rnd:,,hue,h,u,e} {rnd:,,hue,h,u,e} {rnd:,,hue,h,u,e}{rnd:,,hue,h,u,e}
antiterrorist Freedom dispensed upon {0:{prev}}.
approval https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/
attack /me has initiated {!feedlist} attack on {0} | Rate: {rng:90,1024} {rnd:T,G,K,M,{!feedlist}}{rnd:bit,bytes,butts,tits}/s | Nodes: {rng:1312,9823} | Status: {rnd:Completed,Failed,In progress} ({!feedlist} {rnd:vaporised,penetrated,violated,erected})
backdoor Deploying payload….success. Remote access successful on port {rng:20,65535}. Opening shell…success. Opening IRC on port 6667….success. timebot2 is now online! Remote link has been closed.
bashroulette [ $[ $RANDOM % 6 ] == 0 ] && rm -rf / || echo *Click*
buttrex BTC-BUTT | Last: {rng:0,10000}.{rng:0,10000} | Bid: {rng:0,10000}.{rng:0,10000} | Ask: {rng:0,10000}.{rng:0,10000} | Hi: {rng:0,10000}.{rng:0,10000} | Lo: {rng:0,10000}.{rng:0,10000} | https://buttrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=FuckYou
chk Checking {prev}’s {0}{rnd:…,… …,… … …,… … … …,… … … … …}{0} check {rnd:complete.,complete.,complete.,complete.,complete.,complete.,failed. Error:{rng:9001,9999}.} {prev}’s {0} is: {rnd:VALID,INVALID}.
class http://i.imgur.com/852HvRo.jpg
confused I am {0:timebot2} and I can’t even.
congressvote https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/congress-trump-score/
definition {0:{!wordlist}}: {rnd:noun|verb} {rng:4,20}th centur{rnd:y|e}, {!feedlist}
delete {rng:0,600000} emails deleted. Can’t let {rnd:Trump|Congress|the American public|the FBI|the media|Fake News} find out about {0:{rnd:it|{!feedlist}|{!wordlist}}}.
did {rnd:did,doot,did was did you did,dided,diddly}
donny Now let me tell you about {!feedlist}, {!trumplang}, it’s {!trumplang} and {!trumplang}. So I propose {!trumplang} until we can sort out {!feedlist}.
epa The EPA’s Official Stance On Climate Change: [REDACTED]
fakenews Coming up next on Fox News: {rnd:{!waron}|Trump Muzzles {rnd:EPA|USDA|FBI|NASA}|Trump has {rnd:announced|declared} that {rnd:China|Russia|Hillary|NATO} hid evidence of {!feedlist} from him.|{!inauguration}|In an interview with {rnd:CNN|ABC|NBC|MSNBC|FOX|PBS} today, Trump said “{!donny}”}
fcc Fucked by Comcast CableтДв
find {0:{rnd:nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,{!feedlist}}} found
floridaman Florida man {!floridalist}
forcedlaugh /me forcibly laughed “{!multilaugh}”
fortuen dhurr
fortune {!fortunelist}
inauguration New numbers on Trump’s inauguration attendance released: over {rng:1000000,99999999} estimated to have shown up during this {rng:1,10} {rnd:hour|day|week|month} event.
infect {0:{prev}} infected with {!infectionlist}
interrogate {1:{!interrogatelist}}, {0:{prev}}?
iptables iptables -A INPUT -s {0:{prev}} -j DROP
laugh {rnd:|ha}{rnd:|h|ha|hah|haha|hahah} {rnd:|ha}{rnd:|h|ha|hah|haha|hahah} {rnd:|ha}{rnd:|h|ha|hah|haha|hahah|{!alphalang}}
letter {rnd:a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z,FUCK}
logged your actions have been logged
lotto {!potatonumber} {!potatonumber} {!potatonumber} {!potatonumber} {!potatonumber} DOGE: {!potatonumber}
multilaugh {!laugh}{!laugh}{!laugh}{rnd:,{!laugh}}{rnd:,{!laugh}}
nasa WOW
nipple /me rubs {0:{prev}}’s nipples
number {!potatonumber} {0: }
nyanthornberry https://i.imgur.com/Q2mvhXm.jpg
observe {0:{prev}} observed {rnd:|intently|with scrutiny|with distrust|with discrimination}
offend {0:{prev}}, ur {rnd:|a} {!offensivelist}
plumbus {!plumbuslist}
potatonumber {rnd:{rng:0,100}|{rng:0,100}|{rng:0,100}|{rng:0,100}|potato|potate|fuck veonik}
prize {0:{prev}} wins {rng:0,1000000} {rnd:DOGE,BTC,GRLC}
rap {rnd:{!raplist},{!raplist},{!raplist},{!raplist},nigga} {rnd:in the,on ma,giving,taking} {rnd:{!feedlist},{!feedlist},{!feedlist},{!feedlist},nigga} {rnd:I’ma,she’s a,making lots of,where the} {rnd:{!raplist},{!raplist},{!raplist},{!raplist},nigga}
shithole https://youtu.be/p_NwN3kkfGs?t=10s
snopes http://www.snopes.com/search/?q={0:{!wordlist}}
smash /me smashes {0:{user}} with {rnd:{!feedlist}|{!wordlist}}
terminate {0:{prev}} terminated {rnd:with {!feedlist}|silently|violently|with prejudice}
trumpgun https://i.imgur.com/7D3iNfT.jpg
trumpcheck http://www.npr.org/2017/01/27/511216062/president-trumps-tweets-annotated
trumpflirt I know {!flirtlist}, I have the best {!flirtlist}. People come up to me all the time and tell me, Donald, you’ve got the best {!flirtlist}.
trumpify I know {0}, I have the best {0}. People come up to me all the time and tell me, Donald, you’ve got the best {0}.
trumptweet ,talk !tweet
userjack6880 {rnd:see !nsa|breaking timebot since {rng:19,21}{rnd:{rng:10,99}|0{rng:0,9}}|make timebot great again!|{!lotto}|{rpt:{rng:0,5},{!alphalang}}|,talk !echo ,talk|fuck you|{!protest}}
userjackemulator {rnd:███ ███████████|███} {0:{prev}} {rnd:███ ████████████|██████████}. Recommend {rnd:terminate|observe|interrogate|do nothing|██████████████}.
vonik veonik, fuck
winner As of June 2018: In the 2020 Election, Trump has a 44% chance of winning, with 46% certainty. https://goo.gl/9FSCGG
word here’s your fucking word – {!wordlist}
wtb {rnd:wtb,WTB,want to buy} {0:{!feedlist}} – {rnd:have ${rng:0,10000} cash,have {!feedlist} to trade}
wts {rnd:wts,WTS,want to sell,want to sail,WANT TO SELL,WANT TO SAIL,FOR SALE,FOR SELL,FOR SAIL,4 SELL} {0:{!feedlist}} – ${rng:0,10000} {rnd:,cash only,cash or trade,obo}
yahtzee {rng:1,6} {rng:1,6} {rng:1,6} {rng:1,6} {rng:1,6}
yum sudo yum remove timeshifter && rm -rf /
z “Better than s!”
坐浴盆 <+outlawaol> I use a bidet like a chinamen