Sedition 7 January, 2021

I'm not often public with my political standpoints - it's often a distraction from being able to work with others and getting along. Opinions are strong entities. However, I will be making this statement today... I will forget about your support of Mr. Trump through the years. Political opinions change, and it's know how easily the general public can be swayed. I live in a conservative state, understand the conservative political standpoint, and cannot fault anyone for that, despite the fact that I disagree with it. However, now is the time to decide. I'm not asking you to stop supporting your party. I'm asking you to stop supporting Mr. Trump's party. I refuse to associate myself with anyone who continues to support Mr. Trump and his allies. This may end friendships, but it is not worth my time to give it to someone who cannot see reality.

I Don’t Use G-Suite 8 February, 2019

So, how do you use a personal domain with Gmail if you don't want to use G-Suite? The solution I've gone with is not the simplest, and is a bit hacky, but works, and works well.

The Long Overdue Blog Post 24 February, 2017

All of 2016 seemed like a series of poor choices. I did make a good choice. I got a dog.

Many, Many New Things 20 October, 2013

Ok, so the title "systems programmer" is a bit misleading. Yeah, there's a bit of programming involved. But there's a whole lot more general sysadmining going on. Configuring switches, creating virtual servers, making firewall exceptions, and much more... There's a whole lot going on, and when one fire is put out, there's always another to go find. I find myself not being productive way less.

2012 Fall Update 17 October, 2012

I finally got a door. And a window. It might be sad to be excited about such things, but a year in a stuffy basement with no privacy at all makes you appreciate the ability to know if it is raining and create a quiet environment to do work.

New Looks and Swiss Design 2 July, 2012

It wasn't too difficult of a task to modify the existing design to the one you see now. In fact, it took all of four hours or so, collectively, to get this thing down and back up. I didn't even take the entire site down, just made it look weird for a few hours.