7 January, 2021

Title Image: Leah Millis, Reuters

6 January, 2021 will always be remembered as the day that the President of the United States incited an act of sedition. A day where a cherished constitutional act was interrupted by a mob, at the direction of a sitting President, and ended with bloodshed and a failed coup attempt. A day where a very clear line was drawn, where people have to choose which side of history they wish to sit on – to support or oppose an act of sedition, to support or oppose a habitual liar, to support or oppose the false narrative that an election was stolen, to support or oppose white supremacy, to support or oppose police brutality against minorities, to support or oppose rational thought, to support or oppose the founding principals upon which this country was built. The actions of all involved, and the opinions of those who watched this event unfold, will never be forgotten. The people who stood by and allowed this to happen, the people who enabled the man who instigated this, the people who still support Mr. Trump, these people will never be forgiven.

confederate flag on capital hill
Mike Theiler, Reuters

That day will also be remembered as the second time the US. Capital building was ransacked by those who wished to tear down our fragile democracy – the last time was when the British burned it down in 1814. Where, in the first time in history, a confederate flag was carried through its halls, an act that didn’t even occur during the civil war. And despite these events, in 1814 and 207 years later in 2021, democracy held. Congress reconvened to do the job at hand. The British failed to squash our fledgling country in its infancy, and Mr. Trump failed to kill democracy in his attempt to remain in power. We will survive, we will move on. But we need hold accountable those who were complacent in the first place, and cut out those who continue to be part of the problem. The GOP allowed this to happen, to try and channel the anger and fanaticism of Mr. Trump and his supporters, and it bit them. Many Senators and House members walked back their support of Mr. Trump, and while it was far too late, far too little, and possibly disingenuous, it is the right thing for them to do. They have the opportunity to make this right, to pay for ignoring the growing threat this man has been to our country. For ignoring his illegal activities. For ignoring his incompetence that has killed almost 400,000 Americans. For ignoring his threats to overturn democracy. For ignoring his destruction of our standing in the global stage. At this point, they can no longer support him and his cronies, and must actively pursue removing him from office and putting him on trial for his crimes.

I’m not often public with my political standpoints – it’s often a distraction from being able to work with others and getting along. Opinions are strong entities. However, I will be making this statement today. Politicians, if you have supported Mr. Trump in the past and stood by, despite all that he had done prior to the events of 6 January, 2021, while I understand the political pressure you were under, I cannot forgive that. Despite that, you can make this right by doing all you can to undo everything this man has done. You will not be in the clear, you will still not receive my support, but I believe you can change. However, if you continue to support him, his cronies, his policies, his lies, and his supporters, you must be removed. By resignation, your colleagues, or the will of the people through fair election. Friends, I will grant you even more leniency. I will forget about your support of Mr. Trump through the years. Political opinions change, and it’s know how easily the general public can be swayed. I live in a conservative state, understand the conservative political standpoint, and cannot fault anyone for that, despite the fact that I disagree with it. However, now is the time to decide. I’m not asking you to stop supporting your party. I’m asking you to stop supporting Mr. Trump’s party. I refuse to associate myself with anyone who continues to support Mr. Trump and his allies. This may end friendships, but it is not worth my time to give it to someone who cannot see reality.

May 2021 be a better year for everyone. May we survive this transition in stride.