10 March, 2012

Non-believers of the South, I’m sure some of you may have heard of SAUCE FOR ALL. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on an awesome organization that has recently started to take off. It’s notable enough, in fact, that the friendly atheist wrote a small bit about it.

Why did I type the name of the organization in all caps? Because SAUCE FOR ALL is actually an acronym. A bit forced, but an acronym never-the-less. It stands for “Southern Atheists United for Candid Expression, Freethought, Openmindedness, Reason, And Living Life”. A bit long-winded, but cleaver.

“The goals of SAUCE is to united the godless of the South, promote tabula rasa atheism and atheism as consequence, and mitigate the deleterious effects of religion through education via the methods of online discussion, collegate discussion, and conferences.” – SAUCE FOR ALL

So why am I blabbering on and on about this? For one, I want anybody who actually reads what I write to know about the existence of the organization, since most live in the South. For two, I helped modernize the site, making it more streamline on the back-end and look far better on the front-end. The site relaunched today, providing some dynamic features that were missing from the old site, like multi-user editing and an events calendar.

There are more developments in the future for the site, but those are still going to be under wraps until they are launched.

So, check out the site, find a local organization in your area, and meet some other people like you (if you’re an Atheist).