The New System Anomaly

The New System Anomaly

21 January, 2012

A few long days, domain and host transfer, and several fixes later, I have a new site. I still need to finish one little part of it, the part with photos, but for now, enjoy the new site.

This change in design and location also speaks to a new direction for the site. If you notice, much of the backlog of posts are no more. This is because I’m going to embrace the social networks on my random finds, ideas, etc, and leave the blog as a platform for my ideas and things I have to say that require a bit more than 140 characters. This means more original articles and less re-posted things.

Another new features is that the comments are now integrated into Facebook. A neat feature about this is that it’s not limited to Facebook, but accounts from Yahoo!, Hotmail, or AOL may also be used. After ragging on Facebook, why would I do this? It makes it easier on both you and I regarding comments. I can moderate the comments, but don’t have to deal with as much spam (and spam registrations). Likewise, as a reader, you don’t have to create an account on my page (adding to the number of things you have to remember), but can use an existing one. Better yet, if you’re already logged into Facebook, you’re already logged into my comments. It saves you time. And you get notifications on replies to your comment.

I’m excited for this new look, something fresh for 2012. It isn’t quite perfect yet (and I’ll still do tweaks here and there), but for the most part, it’s done. I intended on using more of the color of the year, tango tangerine, but I feel it may not have been needed as much as I was expecting it to. It may find its way back, though.