Resolutions 2012

Resolutions 2012

31 December, 2011

This will be the year I will remember for a while. 2011, overall, was a great year. I got a salaried job with benefits, went to the hospital for the first time not as a visitor, got both Apple and Dell certifications, was one of the first people to root and install a launcher on the nook Simple Touch Reader, and other things. It will also be remembered as the year that politics, related to youth voters, has significantly changed, both locally and nationally.

1. Semester GPA 3.0+.
I’m not going to set the goal too high, but not lower it too much.

2. Get myself back on good footing financially.
Hospital bills didn’t help. Everything that was going towards saving up a small amount and paying the balance on one of my cards to clear it went out the window when I had to pay for a bunch of medical supplies and a hospital bill. I need to restructure my budget (it’s been an ongoing process) to get myself back somewhere a bit more stable. Some things can’t be changed, but others can. But it will happen, sooner or later.

3. Finish something regarding writing.
I have this desire to write that, on previous years, I’ve promised myself I would do, and fail. I’m going to do it again, but hopefully, actually do it.

4. Read through my reading list for 2012.
I don’t have a reading list set yet, and I need to create it. I’ll do it by early January. It’ll be a short, 10 book list, but that’s somewhere to start.

5. Go on a road trip.
Not a trip somewhere that I drive on the interstate the entire time. A trip where I take the back roads and explore some of the little towns on the way to a destination. A weekend to be reasonable.

Less this year than last year, but less to fail on.